Friday, June 17, 2011

The story

The Story About Bart Simpson

With my heavy heart, I will tell you the story about Bart Simpson and what happened to him after he lose his company.

In 2009 Bart finished his collage in Springfield and he was very successful man in his life, he made his own company to make his life better and then he got married from woman called "Clair".

Since he was child he was a hunter boy and he always liked to disturb other people and he was a very lazy boy in every thing, and most of his tutors punished him.

Except his sister Liza, she is very smart girl and she worked very hard in her school life until she graduated with master in Business.

When Bart saw that his sister is better than him he decided to be better than her and he started worked very hard to overcome all the issues that he faced in his school life until he graduated with Bachelor in Engineering.

Five years later, Bart Simpson made his own business which made modern equipment; this company was famous in the world and especially in Springfield.

However, after this much success the company lose much and much money and profit, and because of the accumulated debt of the company the employees left the company. And Bart Simpson was very upset and he started using drugs.

No one's knows what happened to Bart except his wife "Clair". She tried very hard to convinced her husband to stop using drugs and she was very patient with him, otherwise, Bart didn't listened and care about what she said.

Three months later, Bart woke up and he saw himself in the hospital and beside him his wife Clair and his family, however, the Simpsons family didn't know what happened to their son, because "Clair" told them a different story about why he is in the hospital. And at this moment Bart thought that he slept for one day because of a car accident that he had in the Springfield Street and he was wrong. "Clair" started telling him what happened to him and she said: One night I had an argument with you and you screamed to my face, and then you went outside and I don’t know where you went to. After three hours the police officer called me and they told me that you are in the hospital because of overdose of drugs. After that Bart observed that he is still alive and he is not dead and he thank his God because he is still alive. And he decided to stop using drugs from now and forever.

Six years later, Bart worked very hard to restore his company, and after nine months of fights and struggle he restored his company and his employees, and he started working in his business to overcome all the issues in the company.

After four years Bart Company became a famous company in the world again and he became a famous rich man in the world with his lovely wife Clair.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello everyone

umm, this weekend I will work on my story, I already wrote mt story and I found all the images that I need, however, I will try to make the story better for the reader.


Bart Simpsons

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good afternoon everyone

Today I'm little bit tierd and I have to think how to write a story for my i-comic assessment

ummm, I don't know what I have to do yet, but I will try to write a brief story.


Bart Simpson

Monday, May 30, 2011


Today, I'm quite upset because yesterday I did Maths Exam and it was quite difficult, they made new policy which means you have to solve at least two questions from each level to pass, ummm imagine that I solve two questions from the levels, but, I solve one question from the last level and that leads to fail !! I think it's stupid policy ...

I want to pass maths exam :)